Forward Thinking for The Consumer World

Consumer Experience Group strives to enhance the consumer's experience while helping our clients obtain significant ROI.


We use our knowledge and experience in the space to create new applications for technology-based consumer experiences.


We do not rehash the same old ideas. We are constantly innovating by implementing new ways to merge technology and the consumer.

About Consumer Experience Group

Consumer Experience Group is focused on enhancing the consumer experience by providing clients with the know-how to determine how and what technology to integrate into their projects, including shopping centers, retailers, commercial properties, hotels, theme parks and much more.

Consumer Experience Group strives to enhance the consumer’s experience while helping property owners, developers and operators obtain an ROI.

Consumer Experience Group works with clients on the types of technology and features that should be integrated into projects, and then brings in media and content partners as well as major hardware and software companies to integrate the technology.


We listen and assess your needs.


We work with you to explore new directions.


We take what works and move creatively.


What is working and what can work better?


We understand the necessity of constant interaction.


We know where you want to go.


We know what to do when we get there.


Putting it together and making it work on site.


We bring the right partners together.